Why Julie?

“In a single session, Julie helped me to understand more of my full potential, and gave me real practical steps to follow in order to successfully launch my career plan.”

“Julie is the best! I came to her 4.5 years ago for career guidance, and I just returned for a follow up as I’m steering in a new direction. Not only did she remember me from all those years go, we picked up right where we left off. If you’re struggling with what’s next and feeling hopeless, just see Julie! It’s an hour that’ll make you wonder why it took so long to schedule an appointment. Family and friends are great to speak with, but Julie is a kind-hearted professional that will cut out all the fluff and get you where you need to be.”

“I happily accepted an offer and this EXACT position I wanted, with the EXACT company I wanted to work for. I am forever grateful to you.”

“Julie LaCroix is the difference between me and all my unemployed friends, even a year after graduating from college. With her guidance, some persistence, and a little luck, I landed a great job straight out of school that really suited my talents and skills. She’s a fantastic resource for anyone that’s looking for real industry insight and personalized career advice. And for any upcoming or recent college grads, she can provide you with more direction to your job search than any college course or career center ever could.”

“I am very happy I came in to see you. I am extremely hopeful. Thank you for offering to help me find joy again, and to become the person I was always meant to be.”

“Every now and then you meet a person who just cares. No pretense. Nothing in it for them… Just luck on your part and hopefully gratitude. Sometimes you just need to be reminded of your skill set and of the reasons why you have accomplished what you have in life.”

“The seeds you planted for my sons, who are now in college, and the rest of the crew two summers back were truly a gift. You made a rich contribution to their futures!!”

“I love Julie – Kind, considerate, professional, sweet and she cares. Did I mention so very talented – she was instrumental in helping me find my first job after college.”

“I wanted to give you an update and let you know I started my new job today!  I wanted to thank you again for your help with my resume and getting me started.  Your guidance and insight were invaluable!”

“Julie is remarkable. Could not recommend her enough. I was stuck in a job I hated with no path of how to get out, if I needed to switch industries or even where to start. Her approach is kind and consultative and I left with a huge confidence boost not only for my direction but to everything else around me. If you open up to her and tell her your pain points, she knows EXACTLY where to take it. Her mind works at 100 MPH and the ideas flow out of her.  She shifted through every single skill set of mine and job I had ever done, pin pointed specific areas and within an hour, told me exactly where I needed to be. (Part of me knew going into my first session where I needed to be, but she laid out EXACTLY how to get there.) She’s extremely smart, well read and knows just about every industry out there. There is no one she can’t help in some way. She also revised my whole resume and cover letter. Julie is the absolute best and if you have ANY doubt about your career, skill set or future, I HIGHLY recommend her. There is nothing she can’t fix!! Thanks Julie!”

“I have neglected to thank you for your help with my son, but he is fully employed with a large national company in his field of interest! He was told he was exactly the kind of person they wanted.  Your help was critical.  He said the best part was the boost you gave his confidence.  This job is great and has opportunity for variety, learning new skills on the latest equipment, and advancement.  He enjoys the job very much and is being promised a promotion to heading a crew soon.  He says he really likes the people he works for and with, and it all seems a perfect recipe for success. Thank you.  We are so glad we found you.  He had lost a lot of hope.  Now he feels he has a career path ahead of him.”

“Julie is absolutely fantastic! Couldn’t recommend her high enough. I used her services when switching careers at 29. Her approach is kind and consultative when looking at different career options. Personally I found her ability to coach and fine tune my voice for interviews, resumes and cover letters the most helpful. With Julie’s help I nailed all of my interviews and landed a job paying me $35k annual salary more than I previously received. I have highly recommend Julie to friends and would do so to anyone looking for any sort of career guidance as her services are a well returned investment.”

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I have a new job!!! I started last week and keeps me in an industry I know and appreciate, and I could very well move up within the organization! I don’t think I would have commanded their attention with my original resume or without knowing exactly what I was looking for in an organization. For that reason I say THANK YOU SO MUCH! You made my resume so strong, and really helped me focus on what I wanted.”

“I found Julie through a random Google Search. Lucky me. I was in the middle of making a career choice and per usual was reaching out to the people who’s opinion I care about the most: family, friends, old co-workers. I finally decided I needed someone outside of my network to take a subjective look at my background to help me identify my next step. Julie was amazing and truly helped me. By asking the right questions, she literally led me through all of my best skill sets and then narrowed it down to a point where I was analyzing my favorites. It was a rewarding exercise that not only gave me clear direction as to what I should be doing next, but gave me the confidence to go after it. She then sat down and helped translate my work experiences into an amazing resume that perfectly articulated my abilities. I left with the confidence, but more importantly the tools, that landed me in the career I knew I was capable of, and meant to be in.”

“I just landed my dream job at an amazing company and I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity!  I wanted to thank you for helping me out with everything from my resume to my LinkedIn profile, the details made all the difference! Thank you!”

“I discovered Julie by accident while searching for a career coach in the Newport Beach area. My experience with Julie has been excellent. She describes herself as a career counselor (helping people figure out what they will be happy doing) but she has been worth her weight in gold to me as a career coach (targeting companies, organizing a job search, polishing resumes, providing network strategies and so on). I highly recommend Julie if you want to get a general sense of direction for your career, or (as in my case) if you have a career objective and need a concrete plan to help you reach it.”

“I got a job! It’s an amazing company that’s really focused on corporate social responsibility, and I love my new role.  I credit you with helping to point me on this career path. I don’t think I really focused on it until our sessions, but using your advice I found a way to sell my prior experience that fits with their needs in a role I really want.  So, a big thank you!!!”

“I was at a crossroad after working for 15 years in finance. I was contemplating both a career and industry shift, yet hadn’t a clue about how to start. Julie has a knack for unearthing a person’s attributes, while simultaneously improving one’s marketability. Understands key words to use on LinkedIn, and assisted me in writing the best resume I’ve ever possessed. If you’re in the need of a fresh perspective, look no further. Great at helping you realize what skills are portable.”

“I just wanted to thank you for the great session yesterday! I feel like I now have a real direction and have found a career path I am very interested in that I feel I could be successful at.”

“I would highly recommend Julie. She was very knowledgeable about the pros and cons of different fields to help me make an informed decision about possibly changing careers and about the current employment situation in the US. One of Julie’s real talents is her ability to word-smith. She has an amazing ability to phrase things to sound very polished and professional but make an impact which is absolutely critical when presenting yourself to a potential employer.”

“Your professionalism and intimidating intelligence is much more than I was expecting. You have helped me so much. Thank you.”

Thank you!