Spousal Relocation Services

corporate-relocation-spousal-relocationSpousal relocation services adds tremendous value to the offers you will make to existing key employees and future candidates.  It encourages job acceptance, transfer and promotion of key employees and is vital to the success and growth of your organization.

Spousal relocation is career development, employment assistance, and personal support for the spouse of new employees, which enables him or her to relocate with limited career and personal sacrifice.

Spousal relocation may involve:

  • Career development services
  • Job search support
  • Labor market analysis
  • Community resources
  • Transition suppo

Orange County employers know that there is stiff competition for excellent talent.  Bring that excellent talent on board with the support of the whole family – giving them the transition assistance they need.  Spousal relocation is an old fashioned benefit which can make your offer stand out in today’s market.

If you are interested in adding value to your next offer package,

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