Young Adults

hire-me-i-need-a-jobYoung Adults, or “Millennials”, represent the youngest demographic in our workforce. They face difficult challenges arising from global competition, multi-generational differences, rapidly changing industries and a shifting economy.

More than ever, young adults need the tools to find a satisfying job in a growing industry. Further, they need to learn how to stay competitive and differentiate themselves, while maintaining work/life balance and integrating service to their community into their daily life.

Young Adults commonly express needs in the following areas:

College Grads:

  • Where to start, where to go, how to get there
  • Questions about the economy
  • Becoming self-supporting
  • Stronger interviewing skills
  • Professional dress and etiquette
  • What can I do with my major?

Working Millennials:

  • Established a job that isn’t the best fit
  • Long Range Career Planning
  • Starting a business
  • Professional Image
  • Maintaining a strong resume
  • Developing a Leadership style

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