What if I can’t afford you?

If individual counseling is beyond your current budget, there are other options.  You can register for a Career Lab workshop, or for an even lower price you can download my resume curriculum or comprehensive curriculum.  Learn more, register, or purchase your curriculum here.

What if I’m not a grad or young adult?

My practice serves adults of all ages. In fact, only about half of my clients are college grads.  The other half are working, transitioning or returning-to-work professionals in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Please email me and I will take care of you.

What if I’m a difficult case, a unique situation, or you don’t have the skills to help me?

Impossible.  I am a highly skilled career expert and I’ve worked with thousands of adult career cases. You will get the help you need no matter how fragmented or confusing your career seems to you.  It’s a puzzle to me, and I’ve never met a career puzzle I can’t solve, in some way. Clarity is what you need, and it’s my complete focus and goal for you.

What is your counseling style?

Very, very personalized. Very, very targeted on what’s important. Very, very sharp and focused on finding the answers you need – fast.

How do I schedule with you?

Please email me.  Unfortunately, I can no longer do phone consultations with new clients as most of my business comes from referrals and I keep a very tight schedule with a heavy client load. There just isn’t enough time to give everyone the 10 minutes of reassurance that I’m the right person for them.  Please know that I am trained to help you and very interested in hearing from you. If your career problem falls into one of the two following categories, then we are a fit:

  • clarifying your career direction (assessing your basic career instincts and aligning with occupations)
  • mobilizing a job search (resumes, company lists, interviewing, etc.)

What if I’m still not sure if you can help me?

Trust me.

What is your value, and what can I expect?

Quality, accuracy, speed. I can take you from zero to looking and feeling employable in a very short time. Whether you’re a working professional or a young adult between 22-26 and ready to contribute to society as a professional for the first time, let’s work together. Come to a meeting and you will see that even if you think you have nothing to offer, there is an important place for you in the job market and it’s well within reach.

Do you do placement?

No.  I used to be a recruiter, so I know the game and I can help you navigate it if you are a candidate for a recruiter. Chances are good that you are not, and I will help you determine that and establish an effective job search strategy regardless.

How do I convince my son or daughter to work with you?

Tell them it’s not their fault they aren’t making the progress they expect of themselves, and they are not alone. Due to a lack of Federal policies supporting career counseling, very few places in our society provide the bridging from academics to career path.  I am one of them.

What about college counseling – do you do that?

Yes, identifying a college major during your senior year in HS or even into your first years in college is critical to your academic success and your career pathway job attainment. I meet with clients in a one hour session where we do a career intake, a college major assessment, and I help the student with the decision making process. The fee for that one hour session is $400.

What is your training?

In addition to my credentials below, I have helped launch the careers and lives of thousands of young adults, and help established adults navigate their developing careers.  I do not believe the skills gap is unsolvable.  I close skills gaps and get people hired on a daily basis. As a former trader I intricately understand market behavior, which includes the job market.  As a former recruiter, I understand how companies hire.  As a career counselor, I understand how to mobilize an individual in a career they want, that plays to their highest aptitudes, and will lead them to happy, healthy, productive and lucrative careers.

What are your credentials?

I have trained intensively to make this process as painless, effective and quick as possible for you or your young adult:

  • B.A. in Psychology from UCI
  • M.A. Ed, Educational Counseling and a certificate in Educational Clinical Counseling from Azusa Pacific University
  • 3,000 supervised hours in clinical psychology applied to career mobility from a Ph.D. level Psychologist
  • 3,000 supervised hours in the application of career theory to career choice and alignment for the adult population from a Ph.D level career counselor, former university career services center administrator, and senior fellow in our field
  • Former Wall Street experience in sales, trading and recruiting
  • I am not a therapist. Career counseling is not therapy, it is focusing the adult on career alignment and mobility, and removing barriers that prevent them from mobilizing such as stereotypes, lack of career information, and false preconceptions about the job market

Can you help my company?

Yes, I do a lot of corporate work.  Millennial onboarding and engagement, individual performance coaching, outplacement and custom training. Please contact me with your problems so I can help fix them and get your employees in alignment with their work and your expectations of them.

What if I live out of town or out of state?

No problem. I work with clients remotely from all over the country, and from all over the world.

I have access to my University’s Career Center – why should I use you?

Career centers offer a wealth of research and support tools and one is smart to access them.  They do not provide a bridge to the professional job market.  Grads should utilize any free services they can from their universities prior to working with me.

Do you do pro bono work?

To individual clients, unfortunately no. I do offer my time and services to transitioning military officers at Camp Pendleton. This is a joy and honor for me, and I invest a lot of time in it.

What if I can’t afford career counseling – are there other free or inexpensive resources for me?

Yes. My content is easily accessible in an inexpensive self-help format.  Please download it here, or use one of the following external resources:

(1)  www.ncda.org is the professional association for career counselors and has lots of great resources for consumers.

(2) Career One Stop Center in your area, which is the US Government’s office for career support.

(3) Free online assessments and resources:  www.julielacroix.com/resources

What about the parents?
Most of my young people come to me through their parents, and I appreciate that.  Parents realize how expansive our world of work is, and they value the guidance a career counselor can offer so their child can be competitive in our global workplace.  I have had several young people bring their parents to the meetings.  It is nice to see that kind of support.

What is your personal career plan?

I want to close America’s skills gap in any way I can, with the help of anyone who can open a door for me to do that.  I am talking with a few networks to produce a broadcast show, I have a book proposal out to publishers co-authored with a local Orange County Economist, and my dream is to do major seminars across the country full of young adults who will strengthen the productivity and innovation of the American workforce.  I want to be the one who helps young adults pierce the job market, close their personal skills gap, and make a lifetime of meaningful work. And have a blast doing it.

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